Locating Logistics, LLC provides comprehensive on site video pipe inspection services and reporting for both NDT (non-destructive testing) and RVI  (Remote Visual Inspection) services. All of our equipment is the latest technology has to offer. All of our inspectors are well trained, highly qualified and experienced.

We will be able to visually inspect the interior of your underground pipes with the use of a small camera attached to a long push rod. We will be able to provide you with dvd documentation, as well as a full report of the condition of your pipe.

Most commonly, video pipe inspection is used to identify blockages, obstructions, crushed or caved-in pipes. We have also used video pipe inspection services to confirm and verify the location of existing service laterals in a known pipe.

For more information regarding the Video Pipe Inspection services we provide, please contact our office at 1-877-594-3257, or obtain a free quote online.
Video Pipe Inspection
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