Find utilities and other sub-surface commodities with a GPR survey.
Specializing in the accurate location of underground utilities.
Locates rebar, conduit, and post tension cables in concrete floors & slabs.
We can inspect pipes inside-out with our video pipe inspection equipment.
Locate opens & short circuit cable faults in various cable types.
Locating Logistics, LLC provides underground utility locating services to engineers, consultants and contractors utilizing state-of-the-art site investigation techniques. In this an ever-changing environment, and our clients demand the very best. We can provide all of your subsurface utility locating needs.
We can provide GPS Maps in a variety of formats, including .pdf and .dwg
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Underground Utility Locating
Underground Utility Locating Services Near Philadelphia, PA
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We provide Underground Utility Locating Services to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland,
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