Electromagnetic Utility Locators can be used to locate buried pipes and cables, such as electric, communications, gas, water, storm water, and sewer lines. This device detects the alternating magnetic fields that surround a conducting metallic line, and can precisely identify it's location. When installed with tracer wire, plastic pipe such as Polyethylene and Poly-Vinyl-Chloride (PVC) is also easily  located using this technique. Electromagnetic utility locators work great in most soil conditions, and can even be modified to produce results under water.

Electromagnetic utility locators are comprised of a transmitter, that transmits a radio signal down most types of conductors. They also feature a receiver, which is comprised of a series of antennas. These antennas are used to detect the underground utilities radio signal that is applied from the transmitter.

Electromagnetic Locating is a safe and reliable means of locating most common underground utilities. In the event that your utilities can not be located using this technique, we recommend the use of Ground Penetrating Radar to identify the location of underground structures.

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