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Locating Conduit and Rebar in concrete floors & slabs.
Concrete Scan
GPR Survey
Find utilities and other subsurface commodities with a GPR survey.
Utility Locating
Specializing in the accurate location of underground utilities.
Video Pipe
We can inspect pipes inside-out with our video pipe equipment.
Locating Logistics, LLC is a commercial, industrial and residential subsurface utility locating company with over 50 years of combined experience. The quality of our underground utility locating service has earned us the reputation for being the premier utility locating firm on the East Coast. We specialize in all subsurface utility locating services for both residential and commercial projects

Customer service is a priority for us, setting us apart from other utility locators. We deliver solutions for all your utility locating and subsurface utility engineering needs. We achieve this with a combination of experience, technology and continued training.

Our technician training includes utility locating techniques and methodology; new technology; infrastructure and civil engineering; and construction management safety. These are the topics that are important in understanding our customersí needs. Training is delivered by creditable institutions widely known in the United States. Educational institutions include Temple University, Staking University, and The Delaware Valley Safety Council located at Gloucester County College. We also hold a weekly safety meeting to discuss safety topics and a monthly meeting to discuss quality and customer concerns.

We understand that our technicians are the face of this company. Thatís why we have standard operating procedures and incentives that help to promote quality in our service. Our clients are welcome to attend our monthly meetings where we discuss safety and quality issues (posted on the website calendar). Customers wishing to do business with us can also schedule a meet and greet where we will come out and discuss why we are the answer to your subsurface utility engineering needs.
Additional Services:
Cable Fault Locating        Utility Mapping & Survey        CAD Services
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